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Finest quality dog grooming in the Swansea area

  • Nicola is a groomer with C&G qualification. After having a Spaniel (Dylan) who loved swimming every day she decided it would be easier to learn to groom him herself!
  • We treat your dogs like ours - lots of fuss and talking to them to ensure they find the experience as relaxing as possible.
  • Our appointment times are generous to ensure that your dog is not rushed through and is able to take a minimum of 2 comfort breaks during each groom.
  • We have all new equipment including a low to high electric table so that dogs can hop on and off with ease. The table is one of the largest on the market so that even big dogs can feel comfortable.
  • Our bath is stainless steel with a door and a ramp, again so dogs can walk in and out comfortably.
  • We use WildWash shampoos & conditioners with Tropiclean SpaLavish facial scrub. The shampoos & conditioner are totally natural, British made and contain no parabens or synthetic fragrance. For more info click here.
  • Your dog is fully insured whilst here for their groom.


Contact us on 01792 843 204 01792 843 204, or email mountainviewgrooming@gmail.com

We look forward to talking to you.

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