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Services we offer

  • Full Groom

    • Ear clean & pluck
    • Nail trim
    • Pad trim
    • Bath (shampoo twice with appropriate shampoo, face scrub, conditioner if required)
    • Blow dry
    • Brush out
    • Clip
    • Hand scissor finish
    • Groomer's Healthcheck Report
  • Bath & Brush

    • Ears cleaned
    • Nails clipped
    • Bath (shampoo twice with appropriate shampoo, face scrub, conditioner if required)
    • Blow dry
    • Brush out
  • Nail Clip

  • Handstripping



Prices & Policies

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  • Prices

    • All prices are starting from. This is because dogs' sizes and coats vary in condition and length within the same breed. Prices will be discussed and agreed on your first visit to us.
  • First Visit

    • Dropping your dog off for their first visit may take a little longer as we will want to discuss with you your requirements from the groom and take full contact details from you.
  • De-matting

    • We charge an extra £5 per 15 minutes spent de-matting.
    • De-matting is different to removing day to day knots - it is a slow and potentially uncomfortable process for your dog.
    • Matted coats can harbour nasty parasites such as fleas and ticks. It also doesn't allow the skin to breathe, and this can result in serious skin conditions.
    • In some cases the kindest thing for your dog is for the coat to be clipped short to remove the matts, allow the skin to breathe, and give you the opportunity to start again with your dog's coat condition. Before choosing this route we would, of course, call you and discuss the options.
  • Fleas

    • There will be an additional charge of £10 if your dog has fleas. This reflects the cost of the medicated shampoo and the additional time to disinfect the Grooming Studio from top to bottom before the next groom..
  • Elderly / Infirm / Young Dogs

    • We understand that all dogs need grooming, and always allow time for each dog, however should your dog be more junior, senior or have any other major health issues we will ask you to sign a form acknowledging this.
  • Worming / Flea Treatment / Vaccinations

    • We expect that responsible dog owners ensure that their dog is up to date with all vaccinations and treatments, and ask that you ensure this is the case with your dog.
  • Healthcheck Report

    • All dogs are checked from head to tail during a full groom and should we observe anything unusual we will provide you with a written report to take to your vet.
  • Feedback

    • Your feedback is appreciated. We value all feedback, which should be directed to Nicola Cooper, preferably in person, by email, by telephone, or via this website.
    • We will be happy to discuss with you any points you feel we should be aware of. We ask all clients to check the trim when they collect their dogs so that if any adjustments are required, these can be made before the dog leaves the premises.
  • Appointment Times & Missed Appointments

    • We ask that you arrive promptly for your apointment. Should you be more than 30 minutes late without letting us know then we may have to cancel the groom, as it affects the rest of the day's schedule.
    • Please give us a minimum of 24 hours notice of a cancellation to give us a chance to offer the appointment to someone else.
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